CyPhaCon 2015

CyPhaCon 2015 Pictures! Here you can find your picture and see if you like them! If you do, you can download the full sized picture. :D

Pre-Con Party


Assassins Wedding


Cosplay Contest

Fan Party


2018-02-22 7:01pm: Apparently I never uploaded the Fan Party photos I took. That will be corrected shortly.

2015-05-17: Finally! Done with the cosplay pictures! Once again, I would like to thank the people who allowed me to blind them so I could get somewhat better pictures. I would also like to thank the photographer that sat next to me and let me get my blinding shots in right next to her face. You da real MVP.

2015-05-14: Good gosh! these cosplay pictures are driving me up the wall with the lighting and issues Im having to fix with them. UGH. And Im sad too because Im having to leave a lot of them out because they just didnt come out right, so some cosplayers may not be pictured. :(

2015-04-26: Editing the pictures is taking longer than expected. Lighting this year was terrible, so most of the pictures need to be color corrected and all sorts of other stuff. Please be patient!