CyPhaCon 2018

CyPhaCon 2018 Pictures! Here you can find your picture and see if you like them! If you do, you can download the full sized picture. :D


Cosplay Contest

After Dark Party


2018-04-10 7:46pm: Welp, now that I have Saturday through Sunday done, I now have an announcement.

You may have noticed this year that I started uploading Saturday before Friday. The reason for this was because when I started to pull the images off the Friday memory card, it stopped working.

No amount of recovery software I have tried works. I have checked that the pins are connected to it still, and making contact with the memory card reader. Nothing is bringing this card back so far.

I really shouldnt be surprised, after checking on the warranty of this card, I discovered that I have had it for 10 years. Absolutely long in the tooth. I will be checking my cards before hand in the years to come.

As it stands now, All the cosplayers that I took pictures of on Friday have been lost. I am deeply sorry about this loss, as I did take quite a few.

I will keep trying to find something to recover these images, but I can't promise that they will come back.

All that is left is Take One shots, but I am going to take a couple of days to recover from Con Funk, and not getting sleep due to editing.

2018-04-10 7:46pm: Uploaded After Dark Party and Sunday!

2018-04-09 1:43am: Uploaded Cosplay Contest!

2018-04-08 11:13am: Uploaded Saturday!

2018-03-05 7:05am: Preparing for CyPhaCon 2018! Setting up the webpages that need to be around to display days and pictures.