CyPhaCon 2016

CyPhaCon 2016 Pictures! Here you can find your picture and see if you like them! If you do, you can download the full sized picture. :D



Beard Trimming for Charity

Karl Eating Contest

Cosplay Contest

Fan Appreciation Party and The Suzaku 7


2016-04-14: Fan Appreciation Party and The Suzaku 7 album is now up! Gonna take a break and work on Sunday's pictures tomorrow.

2016-04-14: Cosplay pictures are up! I am having issues with this server allowing people to view the RAW files, so for now the RAW versions of these pictures may or may not be uploaded. Do not worry! I am working on offering a better method to download my RAW files.

2016-04-14: Saturday, Beard Trimming for Charity, and Karl Eating Contest pictures are up! Cosplay Contest pictures inbound!

2016-04-14: Friday pictures are up! On to Saturday! Please be patient!